Common accessories of Reverse osmosis purification equipment

August 23, 2021

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Pipe material


When design pipes for reverse osmosis purification equipment, internal and external issues should be considered; the internal is the corrosion of the pipeline by the water quality, like the residual chlorine, chemicals, PH value, temperature, etc. in water should be considered; the external is the operating environment; the commonly used pipes are UPVC, PPR , Stainless steel, etc.


Inlet solenoid valve


The pressure range of inlet solenoid valve is 0-10kg/cm2, and the main function of it is to automatically cut off the raw water passage and stop the water inlet when the equipment is shut down.


Pressure gauge behind the cartridge filter and before the high pressure pump


It mainly displays the pressure of the raw water before entering the pump. It can be observed in conjunction with the pressure gauge of the raw water supply system to determine whether the cartridge filter element shall be cleaned, when the pressure difference is greater than 1kg, it should be cleaned. If it still fails to meet the requirements after cleaning, then it should be replaced.


High and low pressure switch


The pressure switch is designed as a protection device. It starts and stops according to the set water pressure control equipment. When the raw water supply pressure is lower than the system setting value, the pressure switch will stop the equipment to prevent the high-pressure pump from idling when there is water shortage or no water. Cause damage to the pump; when the raw water supply pressure is higher than the set value of the system, the pressure switch will stop the equipment to avoid overloading the high-pressure pump and cause damage to the pump.


Concentrate water adjust valve


This is an important component of the reverse osmosis purification equipment. Its main function is to adjust the pressure in the membrane vessel to adjust the ratio of product water and concentrated water capacity. The valve should be opened to a certain extent before the equipment is opened to prevent sudden pressure exceeds the limit in the membrane when the equipment is started.


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