Common problems of Reverse osmosis plant

August 23, 2021

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How often should the reverse osmosis plant be cleaned


Under normal circumstances, when the product water capacity or desalination rate drops by 10-15%, or the operating pressure and the pressure difference between sections increase by 10-15%, the RO plant should be cleaned. The cleaning frequency is directly related to the pretreatment degree of the system. When SDI15<3, the cleaning frequency ould be 4 times a year; when SDI15 is about 5, the cleaning frequency should be doubled; pay attention and adjust the cleaning frequency based on actual operation condition.


What is SDI


SDI (Sludge Density Index) is currently the best possible technology for measuring RO/NF feed water colloidal pollution. This is an important parameter that must be determined before design reverse osmosis plant; the feed water SDI15 value of RO plant is supposed to be ≤5, to reduce SDI effectively can design multi-media filters, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, etc. as pre-treatment.


How many years can reverse osmosis membrane be used


The service life of the membrane depends on the chemical and physical stability of the membrane, cleanability, feed water quality, pretreatment level, cleaning frequency and operation management level, etc., usually more than 3 years.


What is the difference between reverse osmosis and nanofiltration


Nanofiltration is a membrane liquid separation technology located between the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, basically it is low-pressure reverse osmosis system; it is suitable for treating the product water with a purity of not very strict occasions, but the ability to remove the hardness is very high, thus sometimes it is called "softening membrane".


What are the effects of heavy metals on RO membranes


Certain heavy metals, such as chromium, iron, etc., will catalyze the oxidation of RO membrane to cause irreversible degradation, the higher the oxidation valence of metal ions, the stronger the destructive effect; therefore, the pretreatment should be designed to remove or reduce heavy metals.


Can reverse osmosis plant remove microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria


The filtration precision of reverse osmosis plant is very high, thus can remove most